This is the digital campaign from “Hospital Sant Joan de Déu” to celebrate the beggining of the construction of their new pediatric cancer center, the biggest of it’s kind in Europe up to date. This campaign was designed for social platforms (Instagram and Facebook) where it reached a big audience of +250k views. It was a beautiful project to be part of, full of real emotions and a big production with lots of delicate moving parts, I couldn’t have asked for a better team. In addition to the main story and star which are obviously the kids, this piece also shows a glimpse of this amazing Catalan tradition called “castellers” which I personally love.

MY WORK: Directing - YEAR: 2018 - REACH: +250k

Producer: Alba Recasens

Production Manager: Reinaldo Rojas

Cam B Operator: Sergi Canyellas

Color Grading: Metropolitana

Sound Mix: Xevi Estudi

Production: Petra Garmon

Agency: Double You

Client: Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

DOP: Pau Català

AD: Albert Auladell

Edit: Xavi Trilla