From professional 360 Video edits to AR apps: I Co-Founded Nautilus immersive, a future media studio where we understand and mix human cognition with digital environments and immersive experiences.



This little VR experience is just a glimpse of what we can create at Nautilus Immersive. When it comes to 360 video, it's all about where and when you place the camera, there is no composition tricks, no way to cheat. Understanding VR cameras as capturing devices instead of thinking about them as if they were "just a camera" , and placing them in the right spot gives us the necessary freedom to tell a proper story in post-production. I believe that VR is a passing technology that has not come to stay but to open some creative doors like the hability to reframe a shot afterwards, hence the understanding of the cameras as capturing devices. This doesn't mean VR and 360 video still has a long way upfront before its transition to leading edge technologies like AR, and that's why we are a multidisciplinary studio ready for what the future brings us.



VR (virtual reality), AR (Augmented reality), MR (mixed reality), all of them are just tools and languages to express our creative ideas. Just as 2D video back in the day, these advanced mediums find themselves in a process of discovery and only the curious dare to try understanding the possibilities.  As a content creator I could simply wait until this medium reveals its true self, but why waiting if we have the knowledge an tools to enjoy the process of pure understanding.