With very limited resources and only two characters available this was quite a challenging project but at the same time very fun to shoot. What started as a 20 second edit ended up being a 30 second piece to better suit the little story and let us engage more with our main character: “our grandmother” getting out the house for a little refreshing break with good company on the street, traditionally called “tomar la fresca” in many parts of Spain. Thanks to Maria Codina for always pulling the vest cinematography possible with what we have.

MY WORK: Directing - YEAR: 2019 - REACH: +2,9 M views

Producer: Laura Egidos

Color Grading: Martí Somoza

Edit: Alberto Capó

Production: Craftww Barcelona & Arrival Films

Agency: McCann

Client: Horchata Chufi

DOP: Maria Codina