CHEESE OR KISs-urfabrique


About this project

This project was my first experience directing a music video and I couldn't have asked for a better team to do so, it was a discrete but joyful production co directed with Marc Gallifa.  Cheese or Kiss is the observation of our time. A portrait of our addiction / passion for technology, applications and mobile phones. That love-hate towards that state of hyperconnection in which we are all immersed that takes us away from those who are close and virtually brings us closer to those who are far away. Cheese or Kiss is us ignoring our interlocutor, seeing reality through a screen or getting excited by the boom of likes of our new new post. Every moment can be a dilemma: Cheese or Kiss?

MY WORK Co-Director - YEAR 2018

Art Director: Tamara Pérez

Art Assistant: Jaume Masdevall

Graphic Design: Rocío Larrumbide

Stylist: Valentina Delnevo

Stylist Assistant: Àgata Ferrando

Editor: Helena Placencia

Color Grading: Julia Rosetti

Directors: Guillermo Bargu & Marc Gallifa

Producer: Àgata Bert

DOP: Jordi Biosca

Focus Puller: Daniele Serventi

1st Ad: Marc Ferrer

Main actresses: Júlia Espinosa, Julia Sobron

Gaffer: Alcides Forbitti

Sparks: Pau Ramirez, Ferran Kitkat