After a long time without generating content as a brand, ATO (Catalan dairy brand) decided to create a piece to introduce their new ECO product line to the audience. It was a pleasure to direct this simple but beautiful piece that tries to connect with the sustainable self inside everyone of us by showing the “little efforts” we do to live a sustainable life, such as recycling our trash or biking to the office. We shot this project in two days because of the final location (actual ATO farm) where the breakfast takes place. Even though it was a minimal production with a very small team we managed to make it as cinematic as possible and I’m very happy with the result.

MY WORK: Directing & Editing - YEAR: 2019 - REACH: +40k (Facebook)

DOP: Martí Herrera

Color Grading: Martí Somoza

Sound Mix: Nov 25 Studio

Production: Go Ride (Oscar Ayala)

Agency: Séptimo

Client: ATO Natura